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A Forty-Year Legacy of Award-Winning Antique Auto Restoration Services

Laidlaw Restoration has a legacy of providing award-winning auto restoration services. Specializing in Brass Era Vehicles, we have extensive experience with vehicles of any age. Our portfolio spans three generations of fine auto restoration and some of the most elegant vehicles to win the Concours. Vehicles we’ve restored can be found in all corners of the globe as we are well-known within the industry for providing services for the most discriminating attention to detail. We enjoy our work, and the vehicles we work on. Antique autos are our passion, and we also personally own several brass era and steam cars ourselves.

Completed Auto Restorations

Featured Auto. . . 1909 Winton

The Winton Motor Car Company was founded by Alexander Winton, a true American automotive pioneer, in Cleveland, OH. Before 1900, they were one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles in the US. By 1909, they had introduced their “big six” 6 cylinder car – the model Six-Teen-Six. Read More About the 1909 Winton Automobile

Restoration FAQs?

We have experience since 1975 and have taken more 1st place awards than anybody at Pebble Beach.
Because you want it done correctly.
Guaranteed to be the best!
Total Restoration and Service Work.
Yes. We often travel the country picking-up cars, delivering cars and meeting with customers.