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1913 Peerless - Laidlaw Antique Auto Retoration

1913 Peerless Restoration

Original Correct Black & Nickel Car
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About the 1913 Peerless Closed Cars
New Peerless Closed Cars for 1913

The Horseless Age (VOL 32 NY, JULY 2, 1913 No. 6)

First Automobile Journal in the English Language

A number of innovations are to be observed in the bodies of the new series of closed cars which has just been announced by the Peerless Motor Car Co., of Cleveland, Ohio. The window area has been increased until it is easy to see out of the limousine on any side as though it were an open car. The driver can see the street behind without the use of a 45 degree mirror. All frames and casements have been eliminated by the use of the Swiss railway type of window, a heavy plate glass
which moves up and down in a groove.

The side and inter-compartment windows are raised and lowered by straps. Those in the side doors are moved by a special patented device when a handle, similar to that on a safe, is turned about. In the new cars an auxiliary seat is used, the patents of which are controlled by the Peerless Motor Car Co. When they are not in use these seats fold up and completely disappear in a recess in the inter compartment wall, leaving the rear compartment entirely open and free from encumbrances. The backs of these seats are adjustable and may be raised or lowered for the convenience of tall or short passengers.

Regular seats in both the front and rear compartments are of the Turkish roll type, extremely deep and stuffed with the high est grade of pure hair. Another touch of up-to-dateness is given to the fittings by the installation of Pullman type interior electric lights, which disappear into the wall. Touch a button and the light turns about into the open, touch another and it disappears, leaving only a polished silver plate in its place. An electric telephone or chou-phone replaces the speaking tube for communicating with the driver. It is louder and clearer, acting as a microphone.
Electric lights, concealed on the door frame just above the step, light automatically when the door is opened to illuminate the step for any one entering or leaving the Car.

The doors are hung so that they open practically flat against the body, and yet they cannot touch it, making the full width of the opening available for passengers entering or leaving the car. The curved outline of the top of the body gives it a beauty which is in pleasing contrast to the straight outlines which have been in vogue for the past year or two. These Peerless closed bodies are mounted on three chassis, “38-Six,” “48-Six” and “60-Six.” They are made in the limousine, berline-limousine, landaulet and coupé type.

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