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1912 Pope Hartford Model 27 Restoration

1st at Pebble Beach and Amelia Island

About the 1912 Pope Hartford Model 27

Cycle & Automotive Trade Journal (VOL 16 Philadelphia, June 1, 1912 No. 7)

1912 Pope Hartford Model 27 (page 188-191; Edited for Model 27)
The 1912 Pope-Hartford line, comprising four and six cylinder models in many distinctive body styles is probably the best showing ever made by the Pope Company. The four cylinder car is available in nine different body designs, eight of which serve as prototypes for corresponding six cylinder models.

Two distinct types are made, Model 27, a _four cylinder chassis, rated at 50 h. p., and Model 28, a six cylinder chassis, rated at 60 h. p. The Phaeton and Berlin type of limousine and landaulet are distinctly new types for 1912, but all other body types have been subjected to certain refinements. Notable among these body improvements are the removable front doors, no signs of the hinges being visible when the doors are removed. The five and seven passenger bodies are wider than heretofore at the point where the gear shift lever is located, and a new style of dash, the same height as the sides of the body, greatly enhances the appearance of the car.

The new 1912 Pope-Hartfords are as follows:

  • Seven-passenger Touring car
  • Five-passenger fore door Touring car
  • Fore door Roadster
  • Five-passenger battleship type
The six cylinder motor used in Model 28 is substantially the same as the four cylinder used in Model 27, except of course, as regards the number of cylinders. The cylinders are cooled by water from a special Pope-Hartford radiator of the Planetic type. All timing gears are of timing gear case and timing gear inter mediate shaft. This oiler has been built with a view to eliminating undue smoke from the exhaust. The rear axle is lubricated by a splash system and pet cocks tapped in the axle case indicate the amount of oil in the case. All other parts are provided with oil
or grease cups wherever necessary special construction and chrome nickel steel valves, located in the heads are mechanically operated by one set of cams and push rods and are interchangeable. The carburetor is of special Pope-Hartford design and is very flexible and efficient.

Ignition and Lubrication: Ignition is by means of a dual system. The coil is a single unit coil with switch placed on one end, provided with a locking device and a Bosch magneto forms part of the standard equipment. Lubrication is effected by a mechanical oiler having a direct and positive feed to each cylinder, and when specified to the Clutch and Transmission.

A clutch of the cone type, connected to the transmission by a coupling of special design, has been improved for 1912 by the addition of a clutch brake intended to facilitate the changing of gears. The transmission is selective, four speeds forward and one reverse, direct drive being on fourth. The drive is through propeller shaft, universal joints, pinion and bevel gear to the rear axle. All gears and the shaft are of chrome nickel steel.

Steering and Control: The steering apparatus is strictly irreversible, of the worm and sector type, enclosed in a dust-proof case and fitted with a 19 in. mahogany wheel. This wheel is mounted on a 1% in. column. Spark and type, 2% in. face, 14 9-16 in. diameter, operated by a hand lever. The brakes act on
separate drums instead of one as is the usual practice, and all brake facings are of

Frame and Springs: The frame is chrome nickel steel channel, reinforced with ash throttle levers are located on top of the steering wheel, where they engage with a single sector. There is also an accelerator pedal and all gear shifts are accomplished by means of one lever.

Axles and Wheels: The front axle is a solid forging of the l-beam type and the rear axle is of the floating type, with nickel steel axle tubes reinforced by a special truss rod. The wheels are 36 x 4% in. front and rear, fitted with demountable rims. Timken roller bearings are used front and rear.

Brakes: Two sets of brakes, both acting on the rear wheel, are supplied. The service brake, foot operated, is of the external contracting type, with a band 3 in. wide acting on a 16 in. drum. The emergency brake is an internal expanding brake of the wedge One of the radical changes in the 1912 car is the use of three-quarter elliptic rear body springs in place of the semi-elliptic springs, thus tending to give a maximum of riding comfort.

Equipment: The regular equipment consists of two large acetylene searchlights, two side and tail combination oil and electric lamps with battery, horn, foot rest, robe rail, trunk rack, tire irons, a special new tool box attached to rear underpart of the body, set of tools, jack and a special cocoa matting on tonneau floor. The gasoline tank has a capacity of twenty gallons.

Model 27, the four cylinder chassis, having a 124 in. wheel base and a 56 in. tread is obtainable in a Five-Passenger Touring Car, a Seven-Passenger Touring Car, a Five-Passenger Phaeton, a Club Roadster, Front Door Roadster, a Lifnousine, Pony Tonneau, a Landaulet and in the new Berlin type of Limousine or Landaulet.

Limousine and Landaulet bodies are in terchangeable with the five and seven passenger touring car bodies. Model 28, the six cylinder chassis, with a wheel base of .134 in. is equipped with 38 in. front and 39 in. rear wheels carrying 4% in. and 5 in. tires respectively. The six cylinder model is obtainable in all body styles enumerated for Model 27, with the exception of the Five-Passenger Touring Car.

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